The Brainzooming eBook, “11 Fun Ideas for Strategic Planning,” is one of our most popular publications. It shares ideas we've refined and continually updated to create fun strategic planning exercises.

We warn readers early in the eBook that everybody’s definition of “fun strategic planning exercises” may differ.

When you are talking “fun” and “strategic planning,” you are not likely dealing with the kind of fun that will make you enjoy (and then later completely forget) during a night of weekend partying.

Undoubtedly, everything is relative when it comes to fun strategic planning exercises.

7 Types of Fun with Strategic Planning Exercises

So, if you download the eBook to learn fun strategic planning exercises to enliven your strategy meeting, be on the lookout for THESE types of fun:

  1. People reveal more than they expected to during the introductions
  2. People are enjoying strategic planning because they are actively participating
  3. A boss that’s a stick in the mud when it comes to innovation has to dive in or risk getting gently mocked by his team members
  4. Someone comes up with an idea they never would have imagined on their own
  5. An incredible, breakthrough idea is greeted with uproarious laughter – a sure sign there is something to the idea
  6. A participant, while struggling to describe an idea, inspires someone else, who comes up with the winning idea
  7. People don’t want to stop working on ideas and strategies because hours into the meeting, they are still enjoying themselves

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While these might not seem like typical “fun,” when you see any of them come to life in what might have otherwise been a boring strategy meeting, you will definitely feel the fun! - Mike Brown

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