Are you in the midst of boring strategic planning meetings?

Lots of people are right now enduring dreadful strategy meetings with all the same people, issues, and annoying behaviors they have been putting up with year after year. One executive facing the prospect of another round of boring strategic planning meetings asked what ideas we had for putting some fun into strategic planning?

Beyond sharing how we’d use insights from a broader employee group to shake up the group’s stale old interactions, the question got me thinking about other ideas. How else could we create fun strategic planning meetings for the group?

I started looking at ideas for how to get the spark back in a romantic relationship. Amazingly, the advice for couples falling into dreadful patterns with the same boring conversations and daily routines was easily adaptable to changing how senior executives engage in strategic planning. Yes, amazingly, there are many similarities in adding spark to tired, old relationships, no matter whether they are taking place personally or professionally.

Want to put the sizzle back into your senior team's strategic planning?

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11 Not Stuffy for Work Ways to Spice Up Strategic Planning

We reveal all the surprising ways to change your team’s boring strategy conversations to foster productive, fun strategic planning.

In case you worry about downloading something NSFW, DON’T WORRY. Our NSFW doesn’t stand for Not Safe For Work. It means, Not Stuffy For Work!

These proven ideas and techniques will lead to:

  • Creating openness to new techniques
  • Moving out of long-established comfort zones
  • Livening up strategic discussions with new exercises

This NSFW* Brainzooming eBook shares the techniques we use with new and old clients to make strategic planning fun while helping create innovative, successful business results!

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11 Hot Stuffy for Work Ways to Spice Up Strategic Planning