Same-Old-IdeasThere's always value in creating the greatest impact from the resources most readily available to us in organizations (which is described with the impressive phrase: physical eolithism).

This is especially true when the people, financial, and other resources we need to get things done aren't what they used to be or that we would want them to be. Talking about this with a client the other day for an upcoming creative thinking and innovation workshop I’m presenting, I blurted out, “It’s all about doing new with less.”

If you feel as if you've wrung everything possible from what's available to you to produce creative and innovative programs, yet you still need to keep going or even do more, what are your creative thinking options for doing new with less?

Doing New with Less - Creative Thinking and Innovative Programs on a Shoestring

Here's a collection of Brainzooming resources to help you in doing new with less through being more strategic, simplifying things, and sprucing up experiences on the cheap:

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Your Current Creative Ideas

Coming Up with New Ideas

Throwing Away What You’ve Done Before

Change Expectations

Shifting Roles Around

New Ways to Implement

Have fun diving into this list of creative thinking resources for improving your programs - even if you have to do it on a shoestring. - Mike Brown


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