Recently I was in a client’s conference room talking about its brand. What it meant, how it should be communicated, what its attributes were. We were talking with a person who had worked there many years to get his perspective on what attracted customers to the brand’s products. He wanted to make a point about one of the products and how it carried the logo. But when he looked around the conference room there wasn’t a logo in sight. Nor were there any depictions of its products or services, or of customers who might use those products or services.

Mid-week I attended a public conference in a beautiful corporate auditorium. Other than the conference banner, the corporation’s logo was nowhere in sight. Nor was there any permanent depiction of its products or services, or of customers who might use those products or services.

At the end of the week I was in another client’s primary meeting/training room and . . . I think you know where this is headed—no logo, no products or services, no customers.

The places where we gather to plan and make decisions about our business, the places where we invite the public, the places where we expect to convince our customers they are important to us should be replete with reminders of who we are, what we do, and for whom we do it.

There may have been an excuse for this absence when photography was difficult and expensive, when video was hard to produce, and when we needed lithography to produce logos. With the advent of digital cameras, Flip recorders, and ink jet color printers, that time has passed.

Make it a point this week to determine whether your logos, your products and services, and your customers are permanently and prominently displayed in the places you plan, host, and sell. If they are, good for you. If not, you have a job to do.  - Barrett Sydnor, Strategic Contributor

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