Defining your brand can pose a significant strategic business challenge for organizations. This is particularly true when your organization is trying to work through defining your brand  in a group setting. In these situations, there’s often a tendency among individuals who live "inside" the organization to suppose it can stand for everything a company desires. That is generally impractical and a recipe for failure when ultimately your customers and the marketplace are going to determine how your brand lives in their minds and fulfills their expectations.

Here’s an alternative strategic thinking exercise to employ.

Start by asking, “What doesn’t our brand stand for or represent?”

By beginning with defining your brand through a “not” definition, you may subsequently be able to more readily express a succinct, targeted brand definition.

The strategic thinking exercise works beyond business brand definition efforts. You can also use it when having trouble narrowing the number of strategic or creative concepts you’re trying to fit into other things you may be trying to articulate. While you want to know what you stand for, it's equally valuable to be able to say what you don't represent.  - Mike Brown

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