Michael Gelphman at @KCITP forwarded a post to me early in the week titled “Why You Should Ditch Your Blogging Schedule,” asking, "So what do you think?" Yesterday, Alex Greenwood wrote about the post’s recommendation that the standing advice about the need to post on a regular blogging schedule should now be ignored, replacing it with a blog whenever you have something really important and impactful to say approach.

The central reason offered for the change in the regular blogging schedule recommendation was summarized pointedly: “Constant, reliable, regular posting sucks the life force out of your blog.”

This was perhaps the only summarized statement in the blog post. At over 1,100 words, it was a lot of space to spell out little more than the social media guru’s equivalent of the perpetual corporate strategy switcheroo, “Centralize. Now decentralize. Oops, now centralize.” Consultants have gotten paid huge sums for a long time by flipping that advice every three years!

Since, I have been a proponent of regular blogging schedules, it's fair to expect me to weigh in with what I think about the post.

My initial response to Michael was to return to the fundamental question, "What do you want to achieve?"

When you start answering that question really well, the answer about how frequently to blog (or even if you need to blog at all) becomes a whole lot easier to answer. Going through that process is a lot more important than blindly following an idea someone has tried to turn into an absolute "rule" of social media conduct.

The biggest personal take away for me from “Why You Should Ditch Your Blogging Schedule” was it prompted me to review our objectives at The Brainzooming Group regarding the blog, pushing them around a bit to see if daily blogging still makes sense for us. After that strategic reflection, I still came up with blogging daily as the right answer for us.

But like everything, it is an answer subject to change if our goals change in the future. What do you think? Do you read anything into a brand based on its blogging schedule?  – Mike Brown


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