Rather than hanging around here, you have my permission (as if it were needed) to visit the Creative Babble blog today. The Creative Babble blog is curated by Javier Leiva, who is a Creative Director at Running Pony Productions.

Javier has done a wonderful job of featuring interviews with advertising creatives, filmmakers, and artists on the web on how they approach creativity for their work.

Somehow I slipped through the creative professions screen, and Javier interviewed me recently about The Brainzooming Group, the blog, and our take on creativity.

I loved Javier’s interview questions since they took us into topic areas I don’t really write about here. Although as you’ll see in the interview, I talked myself into the need to start writing about some of them as opposed to keeping them part of the untold Brainzooming story.


Creativity on Creative Babble

If you’re interested, you can learn more over on the Creative Babble interview about:

  • Why I don’t believe in creative magic (but do believe in creative thinking)
  • The reason this website has been purposely vague about my career background
  • The specific situation while I was working at YRC Worldwide eight years ago that led to hatching what became Brainzooming (See, I’m already trying to fill in career details!)
  • How come I approach our Brainzooming presentations and creative sessions as if we were a band

While you’re at Creative Babble, peruse what Javier has going on there relative to creative thinking. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Then be sure to come back here tomorrow because we’ll miss you if you don’t! - Mike Brown

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