I've been thinking about the people I most cherish for their creative help, advice, and prodding over the years. They are a diverse and eclectic group!

21 Talents and Creative Thinking Skills Among My Creative Friends

Here are twenty-one talents and creative thinking skills I cherish among creative friends and team members:

  1. A sense of humor
  2. A strong listener
  3. Active on social media so it’s easier to reach them
  4. Open to having impromptu time to talk
  5. Will challenge my thinking or perspectives in a constructive way
  6. Have different interests in life than I do
  7. Think in intriguing ways
  8. They are confident in their opinions
  9. Know lots of things I don't have a clue about
  10. Express themselves well in varied ways
  11. Honesty
  12. React to ideas in predictable ways
  13. Have a positive attitude
  14. Are encouraging to others
  15. Can work together well with each other to create and strengthen ideas
  16. Have an appreciation for spirituality
  17. Both encourage and are willing to try new things
  18. We have complementary strengths and weaknesses
  19. They share and teach what they know
  20. They push me to be better than I am now
  21. They know intriguing people

What talents and creative thinking skills do you cherish in your creative friends?

Do they know how much you cherish them? If not, maybe it’s time to thank them!  – Mike Brown

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