You know the old phrase for weddings that goes, “Something old, something, new, something borrowed, and something blue”?

You can turn the expression into handy creative thinking questions, with a twist, of course.

Creative Thinking Questions - Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Rhyming


When you are looking for new creative thinking and ideas, look at your situation and ask:

  • What’s something old about this that is now overlooked but can be refreshed?
  • What’s something completely new we could do or create?
  • What idea can we borrow from a similar (or perhaps dissimilar) situation that applies?
  • What would make customers (or whoever the audience is) blue if unless it’s improved?

Those work well, but of all the creative thinking questions, the one for “blue” is a little clunky, don’t you think?

Here is the creative twist – use another word that rhymes with “blue” to complete your fourth creative thinking question.

Try one of these instead to have Something ________:

  • Boo: What’s the scariest thing we could do to change this situation?
  • Do: What would prompt our audience to act with greater intensity?
  • Due: What change would we make it we had to implement it right away?
  • Few: How could we make this more rare and valuable?
  • Glue: An idea that would stick with people better?
  • Pooh: What would be the coolest shit we could make?
  • Stew: What if mixed everything together?
  • Zoo: What animal characteristics could we creatively apply?

Take one or more of these creative thinking questions for a walk down the aisle and see what new ideas you imagine, for better or worse! – Mike Brown

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