I misread the question in this tweet yesterday – maybe because I was reading it in the car after church. No, I wasn’t driving yet.


Or should I say I wasn't driving “yet-ish.”

Creative Thinking Questions

Anyway, I thought the question was about my favorite creative thinking questions. We’ve never covered that, so writing about my favorite creative thinking question immediately suggested a blog post.

Here’s my favorite creative thinking question: How could we make it ______________?


As my quick jottings show, among all the possible creative thinking questions, this one does a wonderful job of:

  • Linking strategy and implementation (How)
  • Getting you looking to the future (could)
  • Implying collaboration (we)
  • Being active since it presupposes doing something (make)

All that, plus it can work (perhaps with a little finessing) as a lead-in question to three of my favorite creative thinking exercises:

That's a hard working question!

My Favorite Creative Thinking Question So Far

So although this is an answer for an unasked question, “How could we make it _____________?” is at the top of my list of creative thinking questions – so far. There could always be a new one to displace it, but that will take some doing!

Anybody else have a question I can misread and turn into a blog post?

Send them my way!  - Mike Brown


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