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Creative Thinking on Love and Nastiness

If we're willing to self-talk at the top of our lungs, we can tell ourselves anything without hearing the blatant truth swirling all around us. . . In the film about the band Kansas called “Miracles out of Nowhere,” Rolling Stone writer, David Wild, remarked on the band’s humble origins in my home state, “It's hard to get your ass kissed in Kansas." So true, so true. . . An honest to goodness Walmart moment: A woman (in a car in the parking lot with the windows rolled down) delivering what sounded like a church sermon while talking on the phone to someone obviously more interested in sexual exploits than God, as she stated ever so bluntly, "It doesn't matter if she'll let you [FILL IN EXPLICIT SEXUAL ACT]. God don't care about that."

Perhaps the most dangerous thing I’ve ever said to my wife is, “When you're done trying to stubborn that to death, let me know, and I'll help you do it” . . . I survived that remark to realize that love is figuring out all those little things you can say and do you KNOW will get under the skin of your partner, and then removing them from your personality and vowing to never ever 'go there' with any of them . . . Business wisdom from Mother Angelica on one of her TV shows, "If you took 'but' out of the dictionary, you'd be forced to tell the truth."


When someone says they don't believe in dogma or want to have any part of it, watch out, because there is a high likelihood they are about to introduce their OWN dogma, which is of course very acceptable to them . . . A school anxiety dream (i.e., having chemistry and accounting quizzes today that seemed far off at one point and I knew I'd study in advance, but never did and now it's too late) woke me up at 4 in the morning. Guess those type of dreams never go away, no matter how long you've been away from school . . . If you'd have told me 15 years ago I'd hate a week where there was no time to exercise and would LOVE getting an hour of cardio exercise wedged into a busy schedule, I'd have told you that you were crazy. See, you CAN change, too.

One day, someone typed the search term "sleeping with my sociopath boss" and reached the Brainzooming blog. We're happy to help in any way we can. . . A scary "closed blog" test for content creators: Give a blogger a list of his/her own post titles that include numbered lists and see how many of the lists they could reproduce from memory . . . When your alarm goes off and you haven’t been to bed yet, that’s a bad sign. And eating sushi at 2 a.m. isn’t an exactly a good sign, either . . . Producing events and meetings will make you either a yeller or someone who hardly ever yells. You get to pick which side of that fence you want to live. My advice? Pick wisely, because your reputation will be based on your pick. . . Why do people reply "Maybe" to an invitation? Perhaps the spirit is willing, but the event is weak?

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