This really is a creative thinking lesson years in the making, and it couldn't have happened any faster.

A Creative Thinking Lesson Years in the Making

tabletopFifteen years ago I saw someone fifteen years older than me do something I thought was highly unusual. In fact, I thought it was the most bizarre thing I'd ever seen.

Looking back on it . . .

Twelve years ago, it seemed silly.
Nine years ago, it seemed pathetic.
Six years ago, it seemed sad.
Three years ago, it seemed clueless.
One year ago, it seemed understandable.
Six months ago, it seemed reasonable.
Three months ago, it seemed ingenious.
Two weeks ago, it seemed like I should give it a try.
One week ago, it seemed fortunate I had seen someone do this or I'd have never thought of it.

Now, I do it daily.

If anyone younger ever sees me, they're going to think it's the most bizarre thing they've ever seen.

Before you judge something good, bad, or indifferent, attempt to understand another individual's perspective, if you can. The challenging thing is sometimes you can't understand their perspective, at least right now.

That's why a creative thinking lesson may take years, so be open-minded and be patient. – Mike Brown

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