If it’s Wednesday, it must be Chicago.

I'm in Chicago today at the request of my wonderful friend, Denny Grim to speak at the Raising the Bar Symposium for the Traffic Club of Chicago. It's always wonderful to have another opportunity to return to my transportation and logistics roots.

I'll be presenting on social media super models, followed by a VERY QUICK creative thinking exercises for sales presentation.


The creative thinking exercises for sales content is a different take on both familiar and some new creative thinking topics. Part of the new in this presentation comes via hearing Daniel Pink at Inbound 15. His presentation was based on his book, “To Sell Is Human.” In the book, Daniel Pink suggests a different version of the traditional ABC sales mantra. While ABC has typically meant Always Be Closing, Pink offers an alternative for successful sales in this era when we’re all selling SOMETHING.

His new ABC is:

  • Attunement – Taking on the Buyer’s Perspective
  • Buoyancy – Reframing and Self-questioning Apparent Defeats
  • Clarity – Curating Information and Problem-FINDING

While Daniel Pink never came out and associated the skills enabling the new ABC with "creative thinking," they screamed creative thinking to me. Nevertheless, Pink’s structure provides a convenient way to organize the rapid fire sharing of creative thinking exercises for the Traffic Club of Chicago.

Even if you aren’t in Chicago today, here are links to the creative thinking exercises from my presentation, arranged according to Pink's ABC structure:




That’s a bunch of creative thinking exercises for thirty minutes. We’ll definitely be going through it quickly, so I’m guessing even attendees will find value in these links. And look for more creative thinking for sales content as we ramp up for a half-day client-specific workshop right back in Chicago before the end of the year. - Mike Brown

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