If you have been a Brainzooming blog reader for any amount of time, you know how much we love creative thinking exercises and creative formulas you can revisit whenever you need them.

Sure, creative inspiration is great, but a creative formula is ready for action whenever you are ready and need to deliver many new ideas.

Creative Thinking Exercises at the Ready

As you gain command of various creative thinking exercises, you can combine and rearrange them to generate additional creative thinking formulas to inspire more and more varied ideas!

Here is a new example of this phenomenon we shared during the Idea Magnets webcast for the American Marketing Association.

TacosAt one point we used “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” the reality TV show where Guy Fieri visits unusual restaurants around the country displaying all sorts of food-oriented extreme creativity, to generate lists of extreme creativity questions and ideas.

We revisited that content for Idea Magnets and pulled out four creative formulas the chefs on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives seem to use quite frequently:

  1. Combine everything possible into one creation
  2. Repeat one thing in every way possible
  3. Do something huge, and then do it some more
  4. Create something small, focused, and completely stupendous

Stated in this general way, any of these four creative formulas is something you can revisit when you need new ideas or a new way of thinking about a challenge you are facing.

4 Creative Formulas, 15 Possibilities for Creativity

What's even better, through the amazing power of mathematics, these four formulas result in 15 wonderful possibilities for creativity.

How is that?

You can use any one of the four individually. Or they yield six different combinations of two formulas and four possibilities to use three of them together. Finally, you could put all of them together.

In all, there are fifteen possibilities for creativity – ready any time you need them!

What can you do with those new creative thinking possibilities? – Mike Brown


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