Marianne-Carr-PhotoLast week I was challenged by some of my friends after reading my last two creative thinking posts. The challenge was – Where are the Women?  GOOD POINT! Women are inspiring leaders in so many ways for innovation, creative thinking, and marketing.  Here are Creative Clicks by Women, and in some cases, about Women. Hope you are Inspired! – Marianne Carr

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Who in the Universe is Vera Rubin?


“Instead of advice, I offer my hopes for you. I hope you will stay alert and heed the words of Yogi Berra: “You can see a lot by just looking.” I hope your lives will be filled with health and peace, that you understand there is much work to be done in the world and that many of you will choose to join with those who work and lead. I hope you will disdain mediocrity and aim to excel in whatever you do. I hope you will love your work as I love doing astronomy. I hope that you will fight injustice and discrimination in all its guises. I hope you will value diversity among your friends, among your colleagues…” Vera Rubin addresses the graduating class of Berkeley, 1996  Bright Galaxies, Dark Matter

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Oh, and it’s written by a woman  Maria Popova. She is a rock star to me.

Color, Color Everywhere and Lots of Stuff to Think

As a self-described Color Freak, (Lori’s title, not mine) I have been enjoying reading Lori Sawaya, Color Expert and Strategist, Facebook posts for years now.  And of course, her thoughts are a natural fit for Pinterest, with STUNNING posts that if you like color, and I know you do, you will eat up like candy.  Lori has 82 boards with trends and information. Her boards dedicated to just one color, are, dare I say, provocative. Also you can learn some great history from Lori. Her page Haint Blue the Legend includes Ghosts and Southern Mansions. Hopefully you get the picture why this colorful expert is an inspiration to creativity.


In honor of Mike.

Women and Innovation and 18 Pages of Articles about Women, Girls and Social Innovation


“The world is waking up to the economic power of women. A growing number of studies have indicated that gender-inclusive companies are more successful, that women’s participation in the labor force has had measurable effects on economic growth—indeed, that women’s leadership benefits the economy and society on every level. Despite this, traditional investment opportunities—both in the for-profit and the social sector—have excluded women from access to capital and done little to further gender equity in the workplace. In recent years, a movement towards “investing with a gender lens” has emerged. This movement encourages the use of capital to deliver financial returns…

Says the intro to the Webinar on The Rise of Gender Capitalism. And isn't that what Innovation is all about? Making Money. Make some noize Girrrrls! Woot Woot!

Women Blogger on Innovation at Innovation Excellence

I researched  “Women Bloggers on Innovation,” and the Innovation Excellence site has several good woman bloggers.  One notable is Saga Briggs. Saga tends to focus on Learning and Education.


Here are two recent posts from Saga: