If you want to apply creative thinking to a challenging business situation, consider these ten quick tips to enhance your personal and team creativity.


Creative Thinking - 10 Quick Tips about Team Creativity

1. Know what you're trying to make happen before you dive into creative thinking.

2. Once you know what you're trying to make happen, don't be reluctant to dive in without TOO much forethought.

3. Sometimes blank pieces of paper are successful, but a creative thinking exercise is almost always your best friend for boosting team creativity.

4. Keep your early, failed attempts at creative thinking around for later since you never know when you had all or part of the answer early, but it was too raw to recognize.

5. Even if you could get the same people to help with creative thinking, team creativity is more fun with a gang of diverse people.

6. Don't spend too much time going down a creative thinking path that's not working when you can quickly change and try something new.

7. The most unlikely person with the least background in what you're doing could have the best creative answer, IF you're paying attention.

8. If everyone gets silent all of a sudden or everyone laughs all of a sudden when a new idea is presented, chances are it's the right creative idea.

9. Make sure you know when to stop and leave well enough alone with creative thinking so you don't OVER create.

10. If you have to sell your creative ideas to somebody else, never show them something you wouldn't be willing to live with if they pick it.

Armed with these 10 tips, you’re set to boost the team creativity you can apply to any challenging business situation.  – Mike Brown

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