I picked up a copy of Ink, a free Kansas City entertainment publication, when leaving the local American Marketing Association get together last Thursday.

There were two great creativity articles worth checking out:

  • The cover story is 20 Ways to Let Your Inner Child Go Wild. The article celebrates the magazine's second anniversary by suggesting a variety of fun things kids might do at a birthday party. As you know, doing what kids do is always sure to spur creativity. While the twenty suggestions list Kansas City locations to carry them out, all of them will likely have identical or similar options near you. Check it out and celebrate like the big kid you know you are!
  • Another Ink article worth reading, particularly while the season is still young, is a piece by Charles Gooch on how to fix what's broken in baseball. He lists 10 ideas, all reflective of a great creative perspective that's able to look at something very old with entirely new eyes. If only all of us could re-examine the familiar in such a novel way! - Mike Brown