One of my big projects for 2008 was working on a new creativity presentation. During that time, I asked many people how they define creativity. Here are ten of the interesting answers we’ve received.

How do you define creativity?

  • A different way to a usual place or a usual way to a different place.
  • Your subconscious leaking out.
  • Creating a project, product, or piece that never before existed.
  • Humanity at its best.
  • Going beyond your expectations to make something that educates, inspires, and entertains.
  • Actions to conceive beauty.
  • Random associations grounded in strategy.
  • An outward expression of the awesomeness within.
  • Permission granted to take my brain off its leash.
  • Mistakes worth keeping.

Reader Definitions of “Creativity”

  • “Anything novel that is meaningful or useful.” – Macker
  • “Bending and shaping the everyday and normal into an expression of genius.” – Jan Leslie
  • “Going beyond your expectations to make something that educates, inspires and entertains." – Danny Alexander

Share your thoughts in the comments section on how you define creativity and add even more variety to the list!