Creative-Ideas-EnemiesThe June 2013 issue of Psychology Today includes an article on “The Enemies of Invention.”

It is a compilation article featuring five authors' perspectives on factors standing in the way of creativity and innovation.

The article also includes creative ideas from each author on how to get around these impediments to creativity.

Creative Ideas for Defeating “Enemies of Invention”

Here are snapshots of each of the five authors' perspectives, along with our Brainzooming point of view on these creative ideas:

1. The Danger of Starting in the Same Old Place by Art Markum

"Don't think differently. Think about different things." 

The point is when we start from the same frame of reference as the creative challenge we face, we come up with run-of-the-mill ideas. Instead, we have to begin by thinking about other things from different perspectives. Brainzooming Article: What's It Like?

2. Fear of Failure Narrows Vision by Peter Gray

We “work best when we are playing, not when we are striving for praise as a reward." 

To be creative, don't be so serious so much! Have some fun and play! Brainzooming Article: Kids and Creativity

3. Concentration Is Creativity’s Killer by Sian Beilock

 "Turning your attention to something that requires just a little bit of concentration is a better way to jump-start the creative process." 

Don't concentrate so much on the task at hand. To instigate your creative possibilities, free up space in your mind to let your creativity work. Brainzooming Article: Finding a Huge Task to Avoid

4. The Downside of Avoiding Imitation by Christopher J. Sprigman and Kal Raustiala

"In practice, creativity is a cumulative process, one that often involves tweaking, adapting, and melding existing creations." 

As we say so often, borrow existing ideas and twist them into new creative ideas all your own. Brainzooming Article: Lessons in Borrowing Creative Ideas

5. Battling Boredom Thwarts Serendipity by Peter Bregman

"Wasted moments are ones in which we often unconsciously connect the dots." 

Resist the temptation to fill your head and attention with stuff that gets in the way of creativity. You'll be much better off if you pursue empty-headed creativity! Brainzooming Article: Perhaps not surprisingly, we don't have an article on doing nothing as a way to spur creativity. We'll have to get on that right away!  - Mike Brown


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