It’s one thing to have the creative thinking skills to bust creativity barriers when imagining new creative ideas. It’s another to pave the way for successfully pitching ideas internally or externally. Here are seventeen articles touching on the creative thinking skills you need for pitching ideas with greater impact.

Anticipating Receptivity to Change


7 Lessons to Get Ready for Change Now

Don’t wait for the time when you’re going to pitch the idea to start getting ready for change. Start early. Start right now, before you need to start.

Creating Change and Change Management – 4 Strategy Options

Depending on your organization’s strategic situation sets the stage for determining the right mix of emotion, fact, and intensity to pitch new creative ideas.

3 Strategies for Navigating a Political Environment

If your organization’s environment is overtly political (or even subtly political), you need to be thinking about how it will affect reactions to your creative ideas.

Bringing Creative Ideas to Fruition


Project Management – Dinner Table Analogy for Project Team Members

There are times to challenge creative ideas within a project team, and there are times you don’t. Here is a way to help team members understand which is which.

Project Management – 15 Techniques When Time Is Running Down

How you finish up a creative idea, pitch, or prototype can impact how the idea is received. Even if you have to rush through the preparation, you can avoid calling attention to parts that aren’t as fully developed as others.

Creative Thinking Skills – 5 People Vital to Critical Thinking, Literally

It’s far better to invite naysayers to challenge your idea before the big day comes to pitch your creative idea in the limelight. Here are five types of critical thinkers to invite to the challenge party.

Strategic Thinking Exercises – Who is the Positive Devil’s Advocate?

While we’re big on challenging the flaws in a creative idea to anticipate any potential issues, it’s also valuable to think about the challenges of outrageous success with your idea.

Packaging Creative Ideas


Why Serve Up Your Treasure Like Trash?

Don’t short change presenting your creative ideas. The lack of impact in how you present creative ideas can directly reflect on perceptions of your ideas.

How Are You Staging Your Next Idea?

Giving tangibility to your creative idea can make it easier to pitch the possibilities of how it can strategically change your organization’s situation.

Project Management Techniques – 5 Final Report Success Tips

Sometimes you’re communicating your creative ideas in a report format. Here are five tips to set your communication up for success.

Customer Experience Strategy – 11 Ways to Demo an Intangible Service

If your idea is intangible, this article, focused on demonstrating intangible services, features strategies that can extend to demoing creative ideas.

Creative Thinking Skills: 9 Ways to Present a Business Strategy with Panache

If you really want to go over the top in sharing your new ideas, here are nine possibilities you need to explore.

Building Connections to the Audience


Making Challenging Content Accessible: 5 Steps to Creating a Nick Cave Fan

If you suspect your creative ideas are going to be challenging to the audience’s sensibilities, here are ways you can build a connection to an audience that may really struggle to understand your perspective.

Innovation Strategy with a New Audience

When you are introducing a new idea to an unfamiliar audience, go out of your way to complete the homework that will unveil the similarities you share so you can start from a point of agreement.

Improve the Success of Your Letters to Santa – Guaranteed!

While the title suggests this post only applies to letters to Santa, it’s really a four-part recommendation formula that is tailor-made to communicate creative ideas to busy executives.

Managing Clients Who Love Their Creative Ideas

It may be that you are in a client situation where the client LOVES their own ideas. If that is the case, there are ways to dissect the ideas to keep what’s good and take a shot at changing what isn’t good in a completely acceptable way.

Structuring the Evaluation

Strategic Questions – 19 Ideas for Reviewing Creative Design Work

Don’t walk into an evaluation of your creative idea and have it turn into a like / don’t like conversation. Instead, provide a framework to evaluate the idea that allows you to showcase how your creative ideas are both creative AND strategic. – Mike Brown


Learn all about what Mike Brown’s creativity, strategic impact, and innovation presentations can add to your business meeting!

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