Creativity isn’t always wild, crazy, and free form.

When you hit a creative block or venture off into a new creative area, structure can actually enhance your creative skills, whether it’s an artsy pursuit or part of an everyday creative role. Structure help get your creativity going and beat a creative block because it:

  • Provides models and creative patterns to serve as inspiration sources. An example is Haiku – a strict poetry structure with 17 syllables spread across 3 lines. If you can count, you can write Haiku, and its form makes almost any words sound impressive.
  • Reduces the number of creative variables you have to consider. Fewer options allow you to concentrate greater creative energy on those that remain.
  • Makes it easier to find instruction and input about using the structure itself. Think about the number of Dummies books available for a variety of creative pursuits.
  • Adds depth, since structure itself can help communicate messages. Icons represent this, since certain images and figures suggest far more depth than their visual meaning alone.
  • Can make your work more shareable, since others will already understand the form and be able to build on and adapt it. A 12-bar blues structure is an example since it easily allows other musicians to improvise within it.

No Ideas + Structure = Creative Block Beating Results. Remember that creative equation! - Mike Brown

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