At least I waited a couple of days to mention the Kansas City Chiefs and their unprecedented comeback win against the Houston Texans in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. After falling behind 24-0, the Chiefs scored 41 points in a row, ultimately winning by a score of 51-31.

A Comeback-Inducing, Inspirational Challenge

What was the turning point in this important football game?

According to the players on the Chiefs offense, it was when quarterback Patrick Mahomes, rallied his teammates by challenged them: "Let's go do something special."

comeback-inducing-inspirational-quote Photo: Kelly Landry

If this is all it takes to inspire a comeback that big (and unprecedented), there must be amazing power in those words from Idea Magnet, Patrick Mahomes.

Why don't you try to take advantage of the power in his comeback-inducing, inspirational challenge?

Next time you are trying to generate ideas (along with the associated actions) to improve your performance, the customer experience you deliver, or how you are serving any important audience for your brand, try asking:

"What could we do that would be something special?"

I'm not sure what translates into forty-one unanswered points in your market, but see how close you come to amazing, unique results when you set out to do something special for your most important audiences. – Mike Brown

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