What’s your reaction to the claim that you can completely re-imagine in-person meetings for dramatically greater efficiency and productivity using online collaboration? If you’re immediately skeptical, you’re in good company.

When we chat with clients about how our Blast! online collaboration platform can take 80% of the time out of virtual and hybrid meetings, they struggle with the math. Sharing that it can do the same thing for in-person meetings? They are REALLY skeptical.

After they open the door and let us incorporate it into an in-person meeting, though, they LOVE it!

The reason?

Because Blast! delivers amazing opportunities to share perspectives, increase the likelihood of breakthrough ideas, and truly save hours of unnecessary executive time in meetings.

In-person Meetings + Online Collaboration

Online collaboration and in-person meetings working together

Here’s how you can use online collaboration for an in-person meeting:

  1. Introduce one or more productive question sets. (For us the question sets can be customized for the client's specific situation or come from our extensive list of ready-to-launch Blast! exercises.)
  2. If the group prefers, they can first discuss their thinking and ideas. As they talk, capture and organize their thinking real-time within the platform.
  3. Finally, opening the online collaboration platform to all meeting participants lets them simultaneously express new ideas and build on what the group has already imagined.

Participants seeing the perspectives that they’ve just been sharing when they enter online collaboration generates additional creative energy versus starting from scratch. 

Case Study: Real-life Results on Meeting Day and Beyond

Here is one example of the impact Brainzooming created for a client's in-person executive team meeting through adding online collaboration:

Our client didn’t have a top talent executive in place for its annual executive strategy retreat. During the meeting, we provided a three question strategy-building exercise focused on talent (it's part of the ready-to-launch Blast! exercises). All the executives present identified people-related successes, challenges, and ideas. First, they talked for 20 minutes as we captured the discussion. Moving into Blast!, they shared additional ideas online through their keyboards for 10 minutes.

As we organized all the input afterward, we estimated that they’d generated 80% of what would go into a strategic talent plan in just 30 minutes of meeting time.

Later, with a new talent executive in place, we resurfaced the initial plan as a significant launching point for developing a new HR strategy. Sure enough, the earlier executive input shaped the planning by providing a strong sense of what the HR department’s internal customers were thinking and doing to address talent issues. Using Blast! saved time and provided solid direction.

Re-imagine Your Executive and Team Meetings for Incredible Results

Want to imagine the possibilities of bringing amazing new insights and productivity to your executive meetings?

You can learn more about using online collaboration for new breakthroughs on our website. Better yet, book time, and let’s discuss what you’re trying to accomplish with your executive team to make their meeting a Blast! – Mike Brown

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