The Keys to Dramatically More Productive Meetings

Brainzooming interactive experiences all leverage collaboration math. We address everything practical to:

  • Strengthen collaboration enablers, and
  • Lower interaction barriers participants may encounter

An 80% Productivity Boost with Blast! Online Collaborations

The proprietary Blast! experience uniquely addresses vital factors to maximize productivity and impact from collaboration:

The Problems with Traditional Meetings

Blast! from Brainzooming delivers an a--day meeting's worth of ideas in 30 minutes!The collaboration math for a traditional, big-group, all-day meeting using a one-person-speaks-everyone-else-listens format is dismal. It’s because there’s so much wasted time in sharing ideas. Figure that it takes two minutes to share an idea by the time someone:

  • Gains the floor
  • Does the CYA explanation of why the idea probably isn’t the best
  • Rambles through unnecessary words and phrases to justify it

Do the math: in 8 hours, you’re shy of 250 ideas and perspectives, which may not even be documented for further development. And, including additional people in the meeting makes the experience even worse.

The Amazing Blast! Difference

The collaboration math for Blast! works completely differently.

During a Blast!, we see new ideas shared every few seconds. Surpassing a day-long meeting’s output in thirty minutes is routine. It’s because people can share ideas simultaneously and anonymously:

  • With no barriers for gaining the floor
  • Free from worrying about meeting politics or the need to pre-explain ideas
  • Responding to inviting questions that boost innovative thinking
  • Enjoying total control in describing their ideas
  • Knowing that the platform captures every keystroke automatically

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The Good (and Even Better) News of Blast!

There’s a lot going on with Blast! to create amazing productivity breakthroughs.

The good news is that you don’t have to know all the meeting dynamics behind Blast! Brainzooming manages all those details for you.

Even better news?

If you want to understand the breakthrough productivity that Blast! creates, here are the details for maximizing productivity enablers and eliminating major barriers.