Nobody in the Worst Online Meetings Hall of Fame is all bad when it comes to meeting behavior. 

Okay, I take that back. The Comfort Zoners are pretty much all bad. 

Other than that group, though, the key with challenging people is to maximize the value they deliver within meetings while making sure everyone else can contribute their best thinking and decision making, too. That holds true with these two inductee groups: The Tricky Ones and the Outsiders.

The Tricky Ones

The Tricky Ones typify why managing meeting dynamics—online, in-person, or hybrid— is vital to strong collaboration: 

  • The Boss knows time is money; he wants every meeting to end almost immediately so his executives will get back to work
  • Ms. Hate the Morning chafes at hour-long meetings since she only has 3 minutes of genius to bring to them
  • Mr. Always or Never loves clear distinctions and immediately pushes for deciding (not exploring) and moving to what’s next

Efficiently sharing ideas and making quick, smart decisions are all good. So is making time available for everyone else to share and explore ideas. 

Blast! works amazingly well with the Tricky Ones. Brainzooming facilitates and  aggressively manages the time (to thirty minutes) and keeps the focus on next steps while simultaneous collaboration lets everyone share ideas and perspectives in about 20% of the time of the usual business meeting.

The Outsiders

Each of The Outsiders feels compelled to remain above the meeting fray. 

The result? 

In an online video call (or any big in-person meeting, for that matter), The Outsiders’ valuable insights go unshared. The ability to provide anonymous ideas and perspectives within Blast!, though, lets each one reveal great ideas and thinking while still appearing to never overstep any unwritten rules restricting their participation.

A Simple Way to Go from Worst to Most!

No matter which WOMHOF inductees show up for your collaborative meetings, Brainzooming has your answer: Blast!

We can apply the unique, collaborative Blast! experience to online, hybrid, and in-person meetings to ensure your most important meetings are engaging, successful, and results-driven.

Blast! is a facilitated meeting where Brainzooming does everything so you, as the leader, can fully engage along with your team to create breakthroughs in strategy and innovation. Let Branzooming save you time and hassle by handling:

  • Designing the experience and online exercises your team will address
  • Facilitating the meeting through an interactive, timed agenda
  • Recapping all your team’s input into an actionable report

Want to learn how Blast! can reduce your meeting time by 80% while you create amazing results? Let's chat and show you how it's all possible! – Mike Brown

Blast is the new alternative to create productive meetings