For those of you who follow me on Google+ or are like Brainzooming on Facebook, you've gotten a few glimpses the past few months of  a new project to create brief daily business reflections spanning career topics but also firmly rooted in spirituality, too. It's a multi-year effort to compile all the input, and I'm trying to maintain the discipline to keep it up to completion.

To give everybody reading the blog a sample of this new project and its potential content, here are some initial daily business reflections from the early days.

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7 Daily Business Reflections

When your boss asks you to explore a new strategic situation, do not start your report out by explaining all the reasons why things will not work & sowing the seeds of discontent in the organization. Anticipate the challenges and share ways to conquer the challenges.

When you have an earnest non-customer looking to your organization for customer service and solutions, do not turn them away because they are not doing business with you today. Solving the important issue you do not have to solve can turn the person into a loyal customer.

Just because you have articulated a vision does not mean you can do it once and people will understand and remember it. You have to keep returning to the messages and behaviors that reinforce individuals’ beliefs in the vision and the big dreams ahead of you. If you do not do this, be prepared for the grumbling and negativity.

Some bosses are going to give you the flexibility to improvise and take your own approach to accomplish what they have asked you to do. Others expect you to follow orders and steps exactly as they specify them. It is vital to know how much leeway you have before you get to the implementation stage of a plan.

Have the right people around you - people who understand what is important and know your expectations. And make sure you are making time for your strategic team. Ask them questions; use them to stay in touch with the pulse of what is going on in the organization and marketplace that you may not be able to always monitor.

A real leader has to be willing, without hesitation, to take on challenges and sacrifices for those that he or she serves.

You may have to let your actions alone speak for you. Your actions will tell people who you are, and if they do not get it from what you do, no amount of words are going to suffice.  – Mike Brown



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