Want to positively impact the daily performance of your work team?

Here’s a creative idea – make sure you’re a business fan of all of your work team members, actively rooting for them to be successful.

What does being a business fan mean?

Same as being a fan of a performer, musician, or athlete. It means establishing solid connections with your work team members and identifying something (or many things) you celebrate and would like to emulate about each of them.

Just as performers and athletes can rise to the occasion when their supporters are cheering them on, you also need to cheer on your work team members on their outstanding performances.

This also implies that when team members aren’t successful, you still stick with and encourage their future performances.

It means the team genuinely feels as if you look at them and think  "we," not "them."

Trust me – I understand this isn’t always easy or even possible. I’ve had a few people on my teams who are like reluctant star athletes - no matter what the fans do, they make it clear they don’t care about them, their appreciation, or personally rising to any occasion. That’s okay. Sometimes you do have to change your allegiances and not be a business fan anymore.

But the overwhelming number of people on your work team will appreciate you being a vocal and visible supporter, rewarding the team with stronger performances!

Are you with me on this? Do you try to be a vocal fan at work? What positives do you see from your fandom? Mike Brown

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