Sitting through a business meeting recently, these six corporate survival tips came to mind. All of these corporate survival tips were either on display (or not) during the course of the ninety minute meeting.

Business-Meeting6 Corporate Survival Tips for Business Meeting Success

1. You have to develop a sense of when to fall on the sword. Sometimes right away. Sometimes later. Sometimes not at all.

2. A magician creates the reality he or she wants others to experience. Same thing applies for you in a corporation. Go ahead and work your magic.

3. When someone doesn't step up in a big situation, test them again to see if they just had a bad day the first time. If they don’t step up the second time, you know what to do.

4. That whole thing about what happens when you assume (ASS of U and ME) is frequently (but not always) true. Adjust accordingly.

5. Learn to talk the talk right away when you’re in uncharted territory. If you can get the talk down quickly, then you can take (a little) more time to learn what's actually behind the talk.

6. When leading a business meeting, open up a space for each person to talk. Then see what they do with it. Give more space to those who move the meeting ahead. Those that don’t? Well…

Upon first review, these corporate survival tips can appear obscure, or it may be difficult to know exactly what to do with them in a business meeting, even though they all seem important.

That's intentional, because it's exactly what corporate life is like: it seems important, but it isn’t exactly clear why. - Mike Brown


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