The Biggest Loser TV Program

One of my guilty pleasures on TV is "The Biggest Loser" on NBC. It's one of the few shows I regularly seek out, and maybe that's not a surprise since self-help reality TV programs have been an important strategic coaching influence in creating the Brainzooming innovation and planning strategy approach.

The crux of "The Biggest Loser" strategy is taking morbidly obese people and training them on the tools to lose weight and live a dramatically healthier lifestyle than they may have ever done before.

Each week prior to the weigh in, trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels put the "The Biggest Loser" contestants through a prolonged "last chance workout." The training session is called that because it's the final opportunity for contestants to drop weight in advance of having their weekly performance judged. It's intense, painful, and harsh with lots of SCREAMING (especially from Jillian), but it gets the "The Biggest Loser" contestants as ready as they can be to achieve their maximum results.

Applying The Biggest Loser at Work

This got me thinking about the strategy of applying last chance workouts to business settings.

There are certainly plenty of times in business when you're on the cusp of having your individual or team performance judged:

  • Delivering a product or service to a customer
  • Personal performance reviews
  • Presentations
  • Project completions and report outs
  • Quarterly or annual financial reporting
  • Internal performance audits

On these or other performance review points you encounter, do you have your own "last chance workout" strategy to ensure you've done everything possible to improve your performance levels? If you do, what's included in your last chance workout strategy and how are they most effective? For me, on presentations and project completions there are clear steps I try to take each time to ensure important details are all covered.

If you don't use the last chance workout strategy in business, it can hold great benefit, so START DOING THEM NOW! – Mike Brown

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