Here are nine rhetorical questions running through my mind recently. Since they're rhetorical questions, neither one of us has to share our answers. But when domestic readers are in the midst of having turkey comas later this Thanksgiving week, you might want to at least consider answering a few of these questions for yourself:

1. Are self-imposed rules good because they create self-discipline or dumb because nobody really cares anyway?

2 & 3. How much credit do you get for what your staff does? How much credit do they get for what you do?

4 & 5. Are you an "Of course I can" or an "I doubt I can" kind of person? Or even a "They won't want to" kind of person?

6 & 7. Do your goals stretch beyond what you know for sure? Or do your goals keep you safe and comfortable?

8. Are you at the stage in life where much of what you do is because you haven’t (or wouldn't have) done these things before?

9. If you can make something difficult, why don't you choose to try and make it easy? - Mike Brown

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