Waiting for someone in a New Orleans shopping mall years ago, I was killing time looking at a poster store display. A poster of "Peter's Laws" caught my eye.  Subtitled unflatteringly as The Creed of the Sociopathic Obsessive Compulsive, the 19 laws were pretty accurate descriptions of decision making, negotiating, and implementation strategies used by the extreme creative talents I have worked for during my career.

While I'd always had great success pairing up with and interpreting these creative geniuses for co-workers, it occurred to me the laws could help others who struggled working with them.

I bought the Peter's Laws poster and subsequently passed the list along (sans subtitle) to new people who just couldn't seem to get the hang of working with an extreme creative talent. If you struggle in working with a creative genius, check out Peter's Laws for yourself.

Nine Extreme Creativity Questions

My interest in Peter's Laws today, however, is this:

If Peter's Laws shed light on how creative geniuses approach game-changing creativity, then I should be able to turn them into questions ANYONE can use to push their own extreme creativity.

Here is the result - a sampling of extreme creativity questions you can use to take a big swing at game-changing results:

  • What would be bigger & bolder than anything you have ever done and potentially impossible for you to pull off successfully?
  • What BIG, new & radical things are the smartest people & organizations (regardless of industry) doing that you need to do too?
  • What even more outlandish things would you do if there were no rules?
  • If someone tells you "no," what are you going to do to go around or above them and keep going?
  • What would you be doing if you could never hear any objections people might raise?
  • What can you do to dramatically speed up every element of the big projects you are working on right now?
  • What can you do that is completely opposite of anything typical or expected?
  • What would you do if your goal were to be 100x bigger or more impressive than you are today?
  • What will create impossible-to-ignore buzz daily about what you're doing and accomplishing?

Pointing these questions at your strategic objective will yield multiple game-changing possibilities to pursue.

Putting Extreme Creativity Questions into Action

What do you think of these extreme creativity questions? Are there questions you'd modify or other questions you would add to make sure your results are as creatively extreme as possible? Let me know what you think! – Mike Brown

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