I’m headed to Oakland to be a part of a multi-day digital inclusion program for libraries around the country. All of the participants have been in a grant program to fund digital inclusion initiatives in their local communities. Brainzooming was part of their kickoff meeting several years ago, helping them to develop roadmaps for their initiatives. We’ve been working with them most recently to create sustainability plans as the grant period ends.

Recharge You Cover PictureFor this in-person workshop, we’re shifting from program sustainability to personal sustainability. Their digital inclusion initiatives launched just as the pandemic began. All of them had to pivot from their initial roadmaps, some to entirely new initiatives. In talking with them and the program mentors at the Kansas City Public Library, all of these changes have taken personal tolls.

A New eBook to Recharge Your Creativity

That’s why Recharge You is the title for this new presentation I’ll be delivering. It pulls in seven updated and new question sets and frameworks to recharge your  creativity in this pandemic-shaped world. The topics include giving up on perfect, resetting who and what energizes you, and granting yourself permission to wipe long-stranding items off of your to-do list.

I included all the frameworks to recharge your creativity in a new eBook, Recharge You!

Since everyone who has made it through the pandemic has faced a unique experience, I wanted to make the eBook available to the Brainzooming family of readers, too. I invite you to grab your free copy today right here– Mike Brown

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