God bless the people who find me creative. Or funny. Or quick on my feet.

There’s a secret to all of it: quickly envisioning analogies.


If I have a superpower, it’s likely the ability to see something, connect it to something else that’s like it but not exactly, and then share an idea (or a joke, or a possibility) that might be mundane in its original setting, but seems creative (or funny, or innovative) in the new setting where I’ve placed it.

We all have our creative hacks.

Mine revolve around questions that lead to comparisons:

  • What’s that like?
  • What does that remind me of?
  • What similar things does that resemble?
  • What’s the proven analogy that I can fall back on to start generating ideas?

There’s no way, from here, to tell you what your creative superpower might be. All I can do is to encourage you to explore using analogies for all they are worth when generating new ideas.

Brainzooming has multiple articles to help you step up your analogy superpowers.

If something else unlocks your creativity, let me know. I’d be excited to discuss what your creative process looks like. Individual creative processes are just about the most intriguing topics that I come across in business. I’m always up to explore others’ creative processes and their impacts. - Mike Brown

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