What happens when your company’s strategic planning is too complicated?

Strategic Planning is too complicated

  1. time gets wasted,
  2. executives get wasted,
  3. the CEO is pissed off,
  4. board members squirm,
  5. smart people feel stupid because their expertise isn’t sought out,
  6. participants and their ideas are all ho hum,
  7. resources are squandered,
  8. strategic planners are embracing complicated when everyone else wants simple,
  9. the company spends too much time on planning,
  10. managers and directors wait around for missing information,
  11. valuable data is never considered,
  12. stupid insights pass for brilliance,
  13. people with great ideas have no way to share them,
  14. complicated, unintelligible jargon passes for smart strategic thinking,
  15. rock-paper-scissors is an approved decision-making process,
  16. the same old strategy exercises produce the same old answers that haven’t worked for years,
  17. you use last year’s SWOT because there are no new ideas or motivation to update it,
  18. innovative ideas go overlooked,
  19. ingenuity leaves the building,
  20. strategy meetings are deadly boring,
  21. the boss dozes off during the overly long research presentation,
  22. respectable businesspeople make things up to fill out strategic planning templates,
  23. doofuses think they knew better than anyone else,
  24. you see a lot of dart boards in offices when it’s time to produce a forecast,
  25. the wrong people make decisions,
  26. the most left-brained accounting manager gets to shoot down amazing ideas that need investment,
  27. corporate political infighting abounds,
  28. sociopathic senior executives focus on themselves and ignore customers,
  29. pet projects get all the resources,
  30. everyone goes home exhausted and depressed,
  31. implementation is short-changed,
  32. the wrong initiatives gain support,
  33. your formerly market-leading brand is unexpectedly disrupted,
  34. competitors steal your market share like candy from a baby,
  35. reducing prices seems like the only things that might work,
  36. the management team loses its way,
  37. plans fail,
  38. management team members are pushed from their jobs,
  39. lofty aspirations never materialize,
  40. new business models never take hold,
  41. the plan that cost millions to develop sits on the shelf,
  42. tactics aren’t coordinated,
  43. costs skyrocket,
  44. the value customers receive from your brand evaporates,
  45. competitive advantage evaporates,
  46. the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing,
  47. customers flock to any brand but yours,
  48. your best salespeople abandon ship,
  49. revenue falls off the table,
  50. Wall Street asks questions that nobody can answer effectively,
  51. unfriendly takeovers get downright nasty,
  52. careers are ruined,
  53. nobody is having fun and enjoying business,
  54. executives will do anything to avoid future strategic planning,
  55. and the strategists who can't figure out how to make strategic planning simple and fun lose their jobs.

Those are just a few bad things that happen when strategic planning is too complicated.

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Fun Strategic Planning

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