With custom Brainzooming strategy engagements, we invariably target companies with audiences (whether employees, customers, or other stakeholders) of significant size. That’s because they’ll experience the greatest impact from our collaborative strategy approach through dramatically increasing engagement and reducing strategy planning time by up to 80%.

For smaller organizations, we offer lots of free content on our website, the Idea Magnets book for creative leaders, and an online course focused on simplifying and making strategy planning fun. Our presumption has been that most entrepreneurs are on their own in developing strategies.

Fun Strategic Planning Benefits for Small Business Executives

A question appeared out of the blue: What are the advantages of fun strategic planning for entrepreneurs and small business leaders?


This question pushed me to rethink my perspective about ways fun strategic planning is ideal for small business executives. Here are the 5 benefits that smaller organizations specifically enjoy:

1. Fun opens the door to building a crowd of diverse minds.

A business owner can feel stuck handling strategy planning as a solo endeavor. When creating strategy is fun, though, it’s easier to ask peers, advisors, and others with valuable perspectives to participate. One benefit for them? They’ll learn strategy development techniques that they can use on their own.

2. Bite-sized chunks of strategy planning activity fit into busy schedules.

Brainzooming has a series of strategy exercises that are fun and take less than 30 minutes to complete. It’s much easier to squeeze 30 minutes into an already busy schedule than arranging for an all-day strategy meeting.

3. There is a menu of choices.

Don’t feel obligated to go complete a long strategy process if you don’t need it. Strategy should fit the business, not the other way around. With strategy planning as a series of 30-minute exercises, you can focus only on what’s going to deliver the greatest desired business impact and skip the rest.

4. Stretching your thinking is a huge part of fun strategic planning.

Many entrepreneurs are Idea Magnets who naturally think big. Others, though, are so focused on grinding out the details and challenges of staying in business that thinking big is a luxury. Fun strategic planning exercises create an easy, safe space to stretch your thinking toward new areas and breakthroughs.

5. You can bring your stretched thinking back to reality, too.

Huge ideas that you’ll never do anything with provide opportunities. You can harvest snippets of big ideas from them and implement those. Of course, we offer techniques to find the impactful, easier-to-implement ideas within your disruptive thinking.

Your One Stop for Fun Strategic Planning

Are you convinced that putting fun into your strategy planning is right for your small business?

Brainzooming has a fantastic source for full array of tools, resources, and ideas to develop your strategy and boost your success. The Strategy for Success: Strategic Planning Made Simple online course offers hundreds of real-world learnings, tools, and tips we use with Brainzooming clients to streamline strategy and create effective strategies that you can put into action right away.

It’s all on your time, with bite-sized videos that let you use what you need for the year or in the moment. It’s perfect for small business leaders, and you can get started here today! – Mike Brown 

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