Midnight on Friday, Nick Demey from The Board of Innovation direct messaged me on Twitter, asking if I could review student presentations as part of 24 Hours of Innovation. The assignment had been to advance 3 new automotive concepts based on business models from the music/entertainment business.

One presentation was from a Belgian team. I'd recommend taking a look at it. Pay particular attention to three lessons on presenting new ideas demonstrated by the Belgian students:

  1. They show their mindmap - great for highlighting the transformative variables and range of ideas considered.
  2. A single slide upfront contained short descriptions of all three concepts - a helpful reference to understand what was coming.
  3. Each business model concept featured both text and visual representations - this provided a deeper sense of the concepts.

We can all learn from these techniques that make a document more likely to receive executive review. Thanks Nick for allowing me to participate in this hour of the 24 Hours of Innovation!