Today, Monday, July 23, we're launching the new Brainzooming book,  Idea Magnets: 7 Strategies for Cultivating & Attracting Creative Business Leaders. As part of the launch activities, you're invited to a Facebook Live presentation I'm deliver on the seven Idea Magnets creative leadership strategies during the Leadership Institute conference. You can watch the presentation at 11:00 am Central Daylight time in the US (4 pm UCT). Please join us for the Facebook live event from the Idea Magnets Facebook page.

My objective in writing this new book was to help individuals cultivate their personal strengths as Idea Magnets, attracting other Idea Magnets through their creative energy. The key point is that achieving tremendous creative success doesn’t have to be rare or depend on some magical combination of things you can’t ever recreate. Idea Magnets, and those around them, experience these types of moments all the time. And there is no magic involved.

So, what exactly is an Idea Magnet, you ask?

Idea Magnets inspire creative ideas and encourage extreme creativity in those around them. Idea Magnets make life more exciting, fulfilling, and successful in everything they touch—from their work, to their personal lives to chance encounters—by applying surprising connections to deliver intriguingly powerful results. Idea Magnets serve and lead with boldness and humility. They imagine bold visions and attract other Idea Magnets to help implement them. And they do it all with amazing ease.

Idea Magnets teaches seven creative leadership strategies for becoming a more dynamic leader who inspires extreme creativity and innovative success by naturally incorporating these strategies into work and personal life:

  1. Generating Inspiration
  2. Embodying Servant Leadership
  3. Attracting Opposites
  4. Making Unexpected Connections
  5. Encouraging People and Ideas
  6. Implementing for Impact
  7. Recharging Creative Energy

With the Idea Magnets strategies, you'll learn to envision new creative paths that deliver powerful impact, attract new ideas and people, and strengthen your leadership, leading to greater fulfillment for you and everyone around you!

Don't forget: if you buy a copy of the Idea Magnets, available in both print and e-book versions on Amazon, you can also get The Idea Magnets Creative Recharge for free. This companion e-book shares creative leadership strategies that build on the principles of Idea Magnets and offers fun approaches for recharging your own creative energy. To download it, go to and enter your information, including your Amazon order number from your Idea Magnets print or e-book purchase.

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For more details on Idea Magnets, visit the Idea Magnets website or join us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. – Mike Brown

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