Idea Magnets inspire and share ideas, encouraging bold creativity in all those around them.

One aspect of generating so many amazing ideas yourself and among your team members? Being able to share ideas with others in ways that that they can successfully develop them and bring them to life.

Struggling with successfully sharing your ideas means an Idea Magnet wannabe will quickly become a bottleneck for implementing the amazing possibilities they imagine.

Share Ideas Successfully

How do Idea Magnets share ideas successfully?

One strategy involves inviting team members into (and preparing them for) co-creation roles. Through co-creation, an Idea Magnet actively inspires others and adapts the idea hand off to the other person’s talents and style. This adaptability recognizes that an idea and the way it’s shared need to change to provide the co-creator the best opportunity for success.

If you have an idea to share, here are 11 ways to effectively invite team members into co-creation roles:

  1. Suggest the role for them to play and what it entails
  2. Give them a starting point
  3. Highlight a way for them to start acting on the idea
  4. Point out a connection to something that's familiar to them
  5. Share alternative, related ideas you imagined
  6. Show them related examples where others have developed comparable ideas
  7. Share what you've already thought about on how to do it
  8. Find out what questions they have and answer them
  9. Ask them what thoughts they have about starting and plug those into the vision you had for the idea
  10. Give them total freedom to reinvent the idea
  11. Commit to helpfully watching over the co-creator's shoulder as they start to share ideas on moving forward

When you consider the seven Idea Magnets strategies, they are adept at both generating inspiration AND implementing for impact. Being ready to adapt and facilitate a tremendously effective idea hand off is a fundamental Idea Magnet talent. Doing this inspires co-creators to great success! – Mike Brown

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