We’ve had more people find the Brainzooming blog through looking for fun strategic planning than any other topic. As one of our largest clients, who had never heard of Brainzooming before her initial online search, said:

“When we looked for someone who did fun strategic planning, Brainzooming was the only one who had anything about it. We ended our search right away for a partner to help us run strategy planning in a fun way because no other consulting company even tries to do that.”

What do we mean by the term?

Fun strategic planning is a mentally stimulating, very collaborative experience among highly-engaged groups that leads to action, results, and people who want to participate in future strategic planning initiatives.

Since it’s a topic of such interest, we’ve redone our original guide to fun strategic planning to address virtual and hybrid environments for strategy meetings. The 11 Best & Updated Fun Strategy Planning Ideas is free and features:

  • Eleven go-to approaches Brainzooming uses to design and facilitate strategic planning activities that are fun, productive, and boost results
  • New tips to maximize the fun and engagement potential in virtual and hybrid meetings
  • A bonus checklist to translate all the fun strategy planning approaches directly into your meetings

Strategy is serious. Fun strategic planning makes it better!

Fun Strategic Planning Ideas

Strategic planning is typically serious stuff. That doesn't mean you have to kill creativity and engagement to create a strong, implementable plan, though. In fact, we consistently find that strategies are more innovative and on target when we design and facilitate strategic planning processes that are:

  • Mentally and creatively stimulating
  • Highly engaging for participants at all levels
  • Enjoyable while also delivering new, high-impact ideas

In The 11 Best & Updated Fun Strategy Planning Ideas you’ll get the strategies and checklist that Brainzooming uses to make strategy planning fun. You’ll also find out:

  • How to determine the room size necessary to ensure enough space to think and move
  • The activities you never want to include in a group strategy meeting
  • When the wrong ice breaker choice can shut down engagement from a meeting’s start
  • The most important permission you can share with participants to fuel innovation
  • Why fun and structure go together for imagining successful strategies
  • The key to successfully moving strategy exercises from in-person to virtual settings
  • Reasons you should change thinking perspectives every six minutes
  • The three vital keys to developing successful hybrid collaborations

Employing these tested strategies will increase inclusiveness, speed up the process, and strengthen analysis and creativity while dramatically boosting innovation and results.

Download your copy of The 11 Best & Updated Fun Strategy Planning Ideas today and start imagining how you can bring fun strategic planning to your organization ASAP! – Mike Brown

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