It’s been some time since we ran a post such as this. Here are 10 intriguing articles that have been occupying tabs on my web browser for longer than I’d care to mention. Too good to lose track of; not enough time to give each one a full blog post. Even with sharing these 10 articles on creativity, I still have way too many tabs open. At least this is a start . . . enjoy the creativity from around the web!

Lovers and Haters of Creativity

The Characteristics of Creative Thinkers – Some of the most popular posts on the Brainzooming blog are about creative thinking skills and kids and creativity. Here’s another take on both topics, all rolled into one from The Seeds Network.

Creativity and IQ, Part I: What Is Divergent Thinking? How Is It Helped by Sleep, Humor and Alcohol? – Why is this article from The Creativity Post here? Did you read the title? Nuff said.

The Bias against Creativity: Why People Desire but Reject Creative IdeasJason Harper forwarded this link and suggested a blog post response. Usually, I’m all over Jason’s suggestions on these because he has great sensibilities. I may still respond to this one with a full blog posts, so I haven’t rejected it; it’s simply in the future blog file.

Creativity in Branding

You Can’t Force Love: Why Developing a Great Brand Eludes Process - From the Kaleidoscope blog, this is an ode to iteration when it comes to developing brand identities, positions, and messaging. Yup, brand development is definitely not a one and done strategic activity; be prepared for cycling through several times to get where you need to be with your branding.

Branding Events, A New Source Of Revenue For Social Networks - As an event guy at heart, a social network guy by client demand, a revenue loving guy by necessity, and a NASCAR guy (which is mentioned here) through career experience, this article has it all for me. If you’re interested in even one of these four topics, this article from Lighthouse Insights is worth a read.

Bringing Creativity to Strategic Insights

Inside the Secret World of the Data Crunchers Who Helped Obama Win – An overview from Time magazine on how big data shaped strategies and decisions for the Obama campaign. Only big data would tell you that George Clooney and SJP have the same impact, just on different coasts.

Best Buy Needs To Implement Something Like This To Stop People From Showrooming – Intriguing look at how the retail environment can be dramatically changed. It’s going to take some brands with some big you-know-whats to do this. We suggested a very comparable long-term strategy to a consumer product goods client last year. Their you-know-whats weren’t very big, apparently. Just sayin.

CVS and Ford: Putting Designers in Customers’ Shoes – literally- From Andrea Meyer’s website, “Working Knowledge,” this is a fantastic example of putting yourself in the situation of your customer if you really want to generate creative strategic insights.

Creativity and Storytelling

Dolan and Colbert talk about faith, humor at Fordham – This story from National Catholic Reporter is here because of how it’s reported (although I am admittedly a Cardinal Dolan fan). With traditional media limited for this event, NCR turned to social media coverage to construct its story about an evening of discussion with Stephen Colbert and Timothy Cardinal Dolan.

12 Imperative Must-Dos for the Serious Blogger– This SlideShare presentation from Jay Baer is packed with solid advice, including the recommendation for bloggers to check out If you want to be all serious about your blogging, you should click through Jay’s presentation. - Mike Brown


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