Here's an informal strategic thinking chart about who on purpose, by accident, or by default winds up creating social media content in an organization. It's an obvious over-simplification, but I sketched it out based on a variety of conversations with people responsible in large organizations for fighting internal struggles related to implementing social media content strategy.

While the upper right is ideal - since the content will be the richest and most integrated because people knowledgeable about the brand are creating social media content - organizations can wind up in any other quadrant as well. Agencies can work in producing contentinterns aren't great choicesLawyers - who don't so much directly create content as create it by default through saying "yes" or "no" to what can be shared - are an even worse option.

If you're at someplace large enough to struggle with questions about who will be creating social media content in your organization, does this chart reflect the discussions and trade-offs you're considering? What's working to make these discussions in successful in moving toward brand experts creating your organization's social media content? – Mike Brown

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