I've done it. A dear friend had just done it. Maybe you have done it, too?

Done what?

Write down all your self-loathing and self-frustration comments in one place so you can conveniently review them. That makes it easy to keep reminding yourself of how failed you are, why you’re a failure, and ensure you never forget it.

Skimming my friend's self-frustration rant, which she’d written on page 1 of a new journal, I told her to turn to page 2 and number from 1 through 20. I asked her to write twenty wins, (small) successes, and satisfactions she'd accomplished in the previous year.

She protested: there was no way that she could come up with twenty good things, even though I knew she'd had some amazing successes last year. I started prompting her with the wins and accomplishments that I knew. Even without using all the wins I'd suggested, she listed twenty within only a few minutes.

Those twenty items?

Those are the start toward recalling the amazing Page 2 person she is—that we all are—even when we may feel like hating on ourselves.

We all know the fails we list on page 1. The world knows the amazing impacts of the Page 2 person each of us really is.

The Page 2 list describes the person to build on and grow. The person on the second page emanates love, hope, and promise.

Keep your own Page 2 list close by so you can remember that that is the person you really are. – Mike Brown

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