Inviting people with diverse strategic perspectives to participate in any collaborative strategy initiative involves an important expectation. You must support everyone so that they can fully engage and successfully contribute. 


Workplace Diversity – The Why, Who, and How of Strategic Thinking

These Brainzooming articles are arranged based on:

  • Why you should seek workplace diversity to benefit strategy
  • Who holds the important perspectives
  • How to best employ diverse thinking to improve your organization’s strategy

Why Workplace Diversity Benefits Strategy

Who Holds the Strategic Perspectives You Need on Your Team

How to Manage Workplace Diversity and Varied Strategic Perspectives Working Together

Making Workplace Diversity Work for Your Strategy

These articles will start you exploring the value of having people with different thinking styles, perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds on your strategy teams.

If you’d like to discuss how to put this all together for your organization’s benefit, let me know. We’d love to customize a strategy that delivers the best results for you!Mike Brown

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