What are wiggle words?

  • Draft

  • Interim

  • Current Version

  • High-Level

  • Rough

  • Illustrative

  • Mock-up

  • Prototype

  • Simulation

  • Rough Draft

  • Possible

  • Top-line

  • Peek

  • Early Look

  • Preview

  • Highlights

  • Working Draft

  • Summary

  • Advanced Copy

  • Potential

These are all “wiggle words.”

They’re words which get used when what you’re supposed to have delivered isn’t quite there yet. That may be intentional, i.e. you really are providing an early peek in advance of a deadline, or it may mean you’ve fallen short of the agreed to timing or content expectations.

In either case, “wiggle words” can be very powerful, creating important positive or negative results. It's all in how you use them strategically relative to the expectations you're facing. So be smart, and be careful. And use them prudently. – Mike Brown

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