If you speak to groups, you likely know the situation. You're putting together a new talk, and there's a big underlying question you should address early. Maybe it's a big, overarching question implied in the presentation’s title. Yet, despite the question's enormity, you are NOT sure what the answer is. Or at least what the answer isn’t built for a pithy, micro-bulleted list perfectly suited for delivery via a PowerPoint slide.

That situation plagued me with the new talk I did on attracting a brand's extraordinary stories at the Social Media Strategies Summit in New York.

Developing ideas for using the seven Idea Magnets strategies to attract a brand's extraordinary stories, there was a big question that seemed like I needed to answer: What’s a story?

The problem?

I didn't have an elegant answer to the question. Under time pressure to get the workshop deck done, I figured I'd let the question slide. I mean really: WHO DOES NOT KNOW WHAT A STORY IS?

Can you guess the rest of the story?

We were about 17 seconds into the workshop's first exercise, and someone asked: For the purposes of this workshop, what’s a story?


4 Characteristics of a Story

I told him what every speaker says when they get a question they didn't want to answer (Great question!) and scrambled to the flip chart to begin writing my answer to what a story is. Along with tugging on Emma Alvarez Gibson's perspective (and spelling chops), we shared the following list for what a story includes:

  • Relatable characters
  • Ample possibilities for development
  • Conflict and movement
  • An ability to invite the audience’s wonder and curiosity

This on-the-fly list of what defines a story worked to highlight a major point: a story isn’t only something that is written. These four characteristics can apply to images, videos, and various other communications formats that may not include ANY words.

Could I have answered this question ahead of time?


Yet part of the excitement of the presentation was the conflict of personally wondering, CAN I FINALLY ANSWER WHAT A STORY IS? – Mike Brown

49 Idea Magnet Questions to Attract Your Brand’s Extraordinary Stories

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