I frequently invite intriguing people I meet (online or offline) to write guest blog posts for Brainzooming. The first follow-up question is usually on what to blog about for the Brainzooming community. My somewhat general answer is, "Anything you want relating to strategy, creativity, and innovation." While this broad description works for me in writing the blog, it's clear from the number of people who never actually write a post that more direction could help prospective guest bloggers figure out what to blog about:

What You Could Blog about for Brainzooming

Here are 15 potential topics in answer to the, "What to blog about for Brainzooming?" question:

1.    How you express creativity in your career or areas of personal interest

2.    What you do for creative inspiration

3.    Your perspective on strategic moves within an industry or team

4.    How you're employing innovation and innovative techniques in your business

5.    An innovation or strategy lesson you've learned in your career

6.    Reactions to a conference or presentation on strategy, creativity, or innovation-related topics

7.    Reactions to marketing-related events or developments

8.    Creative places or creative work environments you've experienced

9.    Ways you keep your innovation or creative perspective sharp

10.  A strategy example or innovation lesson from daily life

11.  Your reaction to an article already appearing in the Brainzooming blog

12.  Your reaction to a relevant article appearing elsewhere

13.  Reviewing a book on strategy, creativity, or innovation (let me know on this one, I may have a standing request from someone to get their book reviewed)

14.  Guidelines for how you approach being more strategic or innovative in your career

15.  An appropriately-targeted rant (keep the language clean!)

Remember - your post doesn't have to be written. It could also be a video!

Some More Topics You Could Blog About

These subjects are also all really relevant for Brainzooming, but for a variety of reasons, they just haven't been covered adequately:

  • Search engine optimization strategy
  • Creative, visual depictions of analytical data
  • How business models are having to become more innovative based on social networking
  • Profiles of cool, innovative people making an impact outside the spotlight
  • Remarkable displays of creative expression
  • Calling BS on the hype of social media (and social media rock stars)
  • What will develop to replace the important roles publishers and editors have played in making sure information is reliable
  • First-hand accounts of innovation and strategy lessons learned in businesses and organizations
  • Counterpoints to things I've written

Meet Tom - The Brainzooming Blog Persona

We've talked before about the importance of a persona to focus creating blog content. To help guest bloggers, here's a brief recap of the persona I've been using for Brainzooming. You can always think about "Tom" and what might be of benefit to him:

  • Tom is 35, married, and has two children. He has an MBA in marketing from a well-known university. From his schooling, he has built a strong network domestically, and to some extent, internationally. Currently, Tom works as a corporate brand manager, although with the downsizing that's taken place the past few years, he has had to assume broader and non-traditional responsibilities in his corporate role.
  • While Tom has traveled extensively previously, he’s more geographically stable right now as his attention turns to raising his family. Tom is an interesting mix of traditional professional objectives and eclectic personal interests, including extreme sports, alternative music, sustainability, etc.
  • Tom's become active in producing social media content through his own business-oriented blog and Twitter. Tom's audience is growing through demonstrating his expertise online. He's making connections he hopes will pave the way for the next phase in his career. Since he's ahead of where his company is on social media, it's an area where his personal experience is being called upon to help shape the company's thinking on the topic.

Please Share Your Perspective in a Brainzooming Guest Post!

This post is way too much to tell somebody in a tweet or when talking with them at Panera. I hope it's helpful, however, in encouraging more of you to share what you know (or what you'd like to know) about strategy, creativity, and innovation with everybody else on Brainzooming! Mike Brown

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