I recently opened up one of MANY emails I get from Hubspot.

This email featured a link to the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator. It's a fairly simple. You enter three nouns, and it generates five blog topics incorporating those nouns. If you don't like the five possible blog topic ideas, a handy button quickly generates another five topics.


What to Blog About?

We're proponents of generating blog topics based on a brand's strategy and its audience's needs and interests.

That's why we don't talk much about random blog topic apps. I tried the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator, however, with our core topic areas: strategic thinking, innovation, and creativity.

I was greeted with five topics. Curious to see how much variation is built into the tool, I hit the button for five more topics several times. Some topics were repeated identically while others were the same except for including a different one of the noun I entered.

The repetitiveness of the topics bore out my skepticism with random blog topic apps to figure out what to blog about on a regular basis.

But heading to the DMV on a Friday afternoon and wanting to use the time to write, I brought along the Hubspot-generated titles. I resolved to write a blog post based on one of them while waiting. By the time I was first in line 35 minutes later, I'd written two complete posts and part of a third from the Hubspot idea starters.

That great productivity ultimately led me to write five posts based on the Hubspot list.

While the writing productivity was much needed, the topics did feel somewhat disjointed relative to how I usually develop topics. But if you want to push your thinking (and especially if you’re a Miley Cyrus fan . . . and you’ll see why I say that), give this tool a shot.  - Mike Brown

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