During a “Creating Fantastic Content” workshop I was presenting, we were discussing what to blog about and the opportunities associated with compilation blog posts.

A compilation post brings together links to a variety of previous posts related to each other in some fashion. While you can feature links to external content, compilation posts can be a great way to showcase evergreen content from your own social media site.


6 Benefits of Compilation Blog Posts

What are some of the other benefits of creating compilation blog posts?

  • They highlight content gaps (i.e., subjects you should have addressed, but haven’t for some reason) where you can create new content and add new valuable content.
  • Compilation blog posts put older content back in front of longer-term readers who may have new needs for it but would struggle to recall and find it otherwise.
  • You can apply an easy-to-remember URL to the compilation (i.e., yourcompany.com/successfactors), making it easier to communicate, share, and find the compilation.
  • They can be handy resources and references for your own employees to use as training tools.
  • They create new, valuable destinations prospects (whether at sales calls or presentations) can first access at your website.
  • A compilation blog post is an interim step to a longer compilation (i.e., an eBook, training course, etc.) that you can offer as downloadable content.

It doesn’t take hundreds of blog posts to create valuable compilation blog posts.  Once you have created seventy-five or a hundred posts on your brand’s blog that are on topic, you should have a variety of options for creating compilation blog posts delivering these benefits! - Mike Brown


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