Attending other peoples' presentations is a fantastic source of ideas for what to blog about. Beyond conference presentations you attend, workshops and presentations you present are even better opportunities to generate content topic ideas appropriate for a blog.

10 Blog Topic Ideas from Conference Presentations

grid-frostmarHere are ten ideas for content opportunities in your next conference presentations:

  • Recap questions from the audience you answered during the presentation
  • Take the space to fully answer questions you didn't have the opportunity to adequately answer during the presentation
  • Highlight discussions you had with attendees before, during, and after your planned content
  • Share new content you developed for your presentation and covered live for the first time
  • Revisit familiar slides or ones that generate a lot of discussion
  • Feature images of specific slides that were of particular interest to attendees
  • Provide a Slideshare link to your presentation
  • Embed a recording or video excerpts from your conference presentation
  • Survey attendees at your presentation and share the results afterward (The image here is from an audience self-evaluation exercise at my Frost & Sullivan Marketing World social media workshop)
  • List things you learned while preparing or actually doing the conference presentation

Events Are a Great Source of Ideas for What to Blog About

As we've said before, any time two or more are gathered, it's a content creation opportunity. Take full advantage of it! - Mike Brown


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