This is a new slide for a two-day innovation strategy workshop we'll be presenting this week in Los Angeles. While the slide is new, the appearance of all of these excuses (and more) for not advancing with an innovation strategy are anything but new. When we work with clients to expand their innovation initiatives, these reasons for why their innovation strategies haven't made progress yet quickly emerge. As another slide in the workshop states: Thinking about innovation isn’t easy, but it’s easier than doing something about it!

If these excuses (or the idea of struggling to get an innovation strategy going and producing results) sound familiar in your organization, you need to complete a quick, ten-question analysis to determine how your innovation strategy stacks up. This brand new innovation diagnostic will process your answers and deliver an innovation strategy recommendation tailored to your organization.

Struggling with innovation? Or think you have innovation all figured out? Either way, complete the diagnostic and discover where your best opportunities to increase innovation and growth. – Mike Brown

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